Arriving by car

Coming from North:

  • highway A1 Roma-Napoli; at junction Caserta Sud - highway A30 to Salerno; from here highway A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria until junction Sicignano, continue on S.S. 407 Basentana to Matera;
  • highway A1 Roma-Napoli; at junction Caianello S.S. 372 to Benevento; from here highway A16 Napoli-Bari to Candela; passing Lavello, Spinazzola, Gravina, Altamura, Matera (more complicated route which can be useful in order to avoid traffic jams);
  • highway A14 Bologna-Bari; at junction Bari Nord take S.S. 96 Bari-Altamura and than S.S. 99 Altamura-Matera.

Coming from South

  • highway A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria to junction Sibari/Firmo; S.S. 534 to Sibari; S.S. 106 ionica in direction Taranto up to Metaponto; S.S. 407 Basentana to Matera.

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